A touchscreen control can be retrofitted to your CINCINNATI press brake at an affordable cost. The addition of this new control is a cost effective way of improving productivity in your forming operation, resulting in lower cost per part.

With a press brake control upgrade, you can also upgrade to a 5-axis backgage. This offers another productivity enhancement that reduces setup times and allows for complex part gaging. The powerful 1-2 combo of both upgrades will give your already durable and accurate CI press brake many more years of service and when bought in combination, you receive a 10% discount of the price.

CI now offers a simple and innovative solution for remote data retrieval from your press brake (coming soon for lasers).… without the complexities of connecting through your company’s network. Utilizing secure cellular technology, CI’s new CIber Link hardware can be mounted to your press brake to send its usage data to any internet-connected device (PC, smart phone or tablet).