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What is CIberDash?

CIberDash allows real-time monitoring and reporting of production data from your lasers, press brakes, and shears.

CIberDash is an Industry 4.0 solution that allows the user to monitor, in real time, production data from their CINCINNATI laser, press brake, or shear. The data is resident in the machine's control and is connected to the CIberDash utility via network. This network connection from the machine to CIberDash is accomplished through an ethernet connection or a cellular transmitter from CI called CIberLink. The CIberDash dashboard can be configured to display information desired by the user and also display the status of the production of each CI machine.

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CIberDash Features

StackLight Legend

The StackLight graphic is meant to quickly convey the machine status via a familiar graphic. In general, the further right the light is, the better the machine's operation status.


Machine Data Gathered

Along with the status of the machine, CIberDash can display the following data:

  • Product Name
  • Stroke Mode
  • Cycle Mode
  • Current User
  • Program Name
  • Current Faults
  • Parts Counter
  • Batch Size
  • Batch Remaining
  • Machine Strokes
  • Power On Time
  • Drive On Time
  • Total Cycle Time
  • Average PPM
  • Last Cycle Time
  • Average Cycle Time
  • (additional data available)
  • CNC Run Status
  • CNC Mode
  • Program Name
  • Total Run Time
  • Remaining Run Time
  • System Alarms
  • Laser Alarms
  • FYI Messages
  • CNC Run Status
  • Load Failure
  • Installed Nozzle
  • Installed Lense
  • Installed Gases
  • (additional data available)

How CIberDash Works

Data accessible to CIberDash from CI machines through networked connections as illustrated below.

CiberDash Illustration.png

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