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CL-900 Series Fiber Laser Cutting System
CL-900 Series Fiber Laser Cutting System

CL-900 Series Fiber Laser Cutting System

Advanced laser machines for the metal fabrication industry.

The CL-900 Series Fiber Laser System offers high speed cutting on thinner materials and lower operating costs. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is intuitive and enables operators to produce good parts. In a work environment where operators often switch from machine to machine, it is key to have a control where one can be cutting parts fast and accurately. The CL-900 control excels in this area. The CINCINNATI HMI has a touch screen display, easy to understand buttons and a full size keyboard. Using the Windows Operating System, the operator feels right at home. A web cam is available for easy monitoring of the cutting process. Rather than using cumbersome tech tables, the CL-900 uses Dynamic Power Control (DPC), which computes optimum power and the fastest possible cutting speed for any material on the fly.

Available in the following table sizes: 5' x 10', 2M x 4M, and 8' x 20'

Available in the following power sources: 4kw, 6kW, 8kW

System Features

laser head linear motors laser control power source

FiberCut 2D head

Linear Motor Drive System

Touchscreen HMI Control

3 Power Sources

Additional Features Include: 

  • Flexible Glass Fiber Beam Delivery

  • Dual Pallet Material Handling

Machine Software Includes:

SIG 9733_450.jpg


  • All of our machines are manufactured in the US at our plant in Harrison, Ohio.

  • CI fiber lasers are capable of cutting plate up to 1.5” thick.

  • Red metals, such as copper, brass, and bronze, can be cut on CI fiber lasers.

  • User-friendly control or HMI (Human Machine Interface).

  • Built to withstand the rigors of the North American manufacturing market.



The CL-900 Series Fiber Laser system offers a higher cutting speed and lower operating cost than other lasers on the market, while still providing a high level of cutting quality.  By using a fiber light source, you are eliminating components, which makes the laser much less costly to maintain.

The use of a fiber laser machine also provides you with the capability of cutting sheet metal of varying thickness ranging from materials like 24 ga up to 1.5” thick.  The light source in our lasers, provided by our partner, nLIGHT, allows the CL-900 to cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, red metals, and more.

5 Things to Consider when Purchasing a Fiber Laser

  1. Wattage – The CL-900 offers 4, 6, and 8kw options.  A higher wattage light source affords you with the opportunity to cut faster and to cut thicker metal.

  2. Light Source – Also referred to as the “engine” of the laser and is provided by nLIGHT.

  3. Material Handling – CI offers 3 different dual pallet sizes with 5’x10’, 6’x12’ (2 meter x 4 meter), and 8’x20’ options. All CI laser systems are compatible the MARCH System

  4. Software - CI's control and programming software are intuitive, very easy to use, and provides a fast learning curve. With our Gold Partner program, 3rd party solutions are also available.

  5. Laserhead – The CL-900 is equipped with the FiberCut 2D Head, which is designed for specifically for fiber lasers. The FiberCut 2D Head provides loss of cut detection, crash protection, and is fully sealed for long optic life.


By making all of our machines right here in Harrison, Ohio we ensure that we always have parts available to be shipped out when you need them.  This also means that we have our tech support staff located in the plant in order to best assist you.

In order to make sure we can service your machine no matter where you are located, we have directly employed, factory trained, field service technicians located strategically throughout the country.


When you buy a laser from CI, we will provide you with the programming software (“nesting software”) and operator training at our facility in Harrison or optionally provide onsite training.  

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the CL-900 has a touch screen display, easy to understand interface, and a full size keyboard, as well as a webcam for easy monitoring during the cutting process.  These features make the HMI incredibly intuitive and allow for the machine operator to cut parts accurately and at a high speed.

After you have been trained on how to use the CL-900, our service technicians will install the machine for you.  Once the machine is installed we will schedule an application engineer for a follow up visit to ensure you are getting the most out of the laser.