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For over 10 years, CINCINNATI has offered a process where clean, filtered, air is used as a substitute for the expensive nitrogen assist gas for both CO2 and Fiber lasers. The basis of this technology is the fact that air is approximately 80% nitrogen. The remaining components of air consist mostly of oxygen and some trace gases. The goal in this process is to maximize the beneficial effects of the 80% nitrogen component.

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Air Assist Cutting

Compressed Air Part Quality

Stainless steel parts cut with air exhibit a bright edge with traces of straw color. Although some cosmetic parts cannot show any blemish whatsoever and would not be candidates for this process, most stainless parts used in assemblies can be cut with air assist. Similarly, most mild steel parts cut with air assist gas can be taken immediately to painting without the usual secondary operation of oxide removal. All CINCINNATI lasers come standard with parameters for air assist cutting for mild steel.

The single point 460V connection is at 100amp electrical panel. There is a step down transformer that feeds a 120V load center for the low voltage items. The package Full Load Amps is estimated at 1A.

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CI Air Assist Unit

Self-contained, palletized source for providing enough air assist gas for cutting parameters that require up to 275psi at a nozzle of up to 0.100" diameter.  The palletized system also provides 90 psi air for the purge and nozzle cooling requirement.



CI Air Assist Unit Benefits:

  • All components palletized on 10' x 8' skid
  • Designed to be moved without heavy rigging equipment
  • Air assist unit is designed specifically for CI lasers
  • System components are pre-wired and plumbed
  • Setup at your facility only requires electrical hookup and connection to CI laser

Air vs. N2 Assist Gas Analysis (Fiber Laser)

Sample Part

Sample Part

Nest Diagram

Nest Diagram

Air Assist Gas vs. N2 Assist Gas Hourly Cost Analysis

Run Time PSI @ Nozzle Nozzle SCFH Hourly Cost
Air Assist Gas 19 min. 29 sec. 150 0.080 in. 896(estimated @ $0.06/100 Cubic. ft.) $0.54
N2 Assist Gas 19 min. 55 sec. 175 0.080 in. 1,032(estimated @ $0.45/100 Cubic. ft.) $4.64
Note that these are estimated costs based on assumptions of gas cost.
Please contact us to request a specific application analysis.

Requirements For Air Cutting

Supply requirements are different from the nozzle requirement because of losses at the filter and gas delivery piping. As with any laser process, confirm your application requirement with a CINCINNATI application specialist before making any purchases to support this process.

Air Assist Laser Cutting Inquiry

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