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Fiber Laser Head
Fiber Laser Head Upgrade

FiberCut™ 2D Laser Head

  • Loss of Cut Detection
  • Fully Sealed for Long Optic Life
  • Thermal Monitoring of all Optics in Real Time
  • USB Camera for Quick and Simple Lens Centering
  • No Exposed Wires/Cables
  • Single Cable from Head to Controller
  • Sleek/Slim Laser Cutting Head
  • Crash Protection: Breakaway Tip Assembly
  • Auto Focus Lens with 25mm of Travel
  • Optimized for Single Lens Cutting (194mm Focal Length)

Fiber Laser Head Upgrade Details

Sealed laser head design minimizes contamination.

Sealed laser head design minimizes contamination.

Critical Design Features

  • Contamination issues much more critical with 1µm lasers and fused silica optics
  • Seals between all head modules
  • Seal all openings, even during cover slide exchange
  • Interlocked to make sure cover slides are present
  • Monitor all optics for cleanliness
  • Monitoring the process also acts as an optics monitor
  • Keep debris from being generated and contaminating optic

Upgrade Includes

  • Installation of FiberCut™ 2D Laser Head by Cincinnati Service.
  • A limited Planned Maintenance Service inspection on the CINCINNATI Fiber Laser.
  • Setup and Cutting Demonstration.
  • One-year Parts and Labor Warranty.