Fiber Laser Head
Fiber Laser Head Upgrade

FiberCut™ 2D Laser Head

  • Loss of Cut Detection
  • Fully Sealed and Purged Design for Long Optic Life
  • Thermal Monitoring of all Optics in Real Time
  • USB Camera for Quick and Simple Lens Centering
  • No Exposed Wires/Cables
  • Single Cable from Head to Controller
  • Sleek/Slim Laser Cutting Head
  • Crash Protection: Breakaway Tip Assembly
  • Auto Focus Lens with 25mm of Travel
  • Optimized for Single Lens Cutting (194mm Focal Length)

Fiber Laser Head Upgrade Details

Sealed laser head design minimizes contamination.

Sealed laser head design minimizes contamination.

Critical Design Features

Fully Sealed with Purge Option

  • Contamination issues much more critical with 1µm lasers and fused silica optics
  • Seals between all head modules
  • Seal all openings, even during cover slide exchange
  • Interlocked to make sure cover slides are present
  • Monitor all optics for cleanliness
  • Monitoring the process also acts as an optics monitor
  • Keep debris from being generated and contaminating optic

Upgrade Includes

  • Installation of FiberCut™ 2D Laser Head by Cincinnati Service.
  • A limited Planned Maintenance Service inspection on the CINCINNATI Fiber Laser.
  • Setup and Cutting Demonstration.
  • One-year Parts and Labor Warranty.