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Upgrade Retrofit Powder Metal Programs


Retrofits & Accessories

Many developments and improvements made since original shipment can be added to existing presses to enhance capability, improve reliability and add new features.

Retrofit Packages

Standard Retrofit Packages have been developed to add the latest design improvements to increase productivity and help extend the economic useful life of the press. Updating your CINCINNATI Powder Metal press through the addition of Retrofit Packages is a cost effective way to keep your existing presses competitive. New Retrofit Packages available include the following:

CINCINNATI now has available a new Dual Upper Punch Unit with Press Stop Adjustment and Improved Guiding for use on 750/825 and 500/550 ton Rigid Reflex® Compacting presses. This new design unit provides the following benefits:

Set-Up Time Reduction

The Press Stop Adjustment on the Inner Punch reduces set-up time by eliminating the need to remove punches and install shims when changes in the upper tooling press position are required due to normal variations in powder compressibility.

Higher Part Quality

The ability to make minute adjustments in the pressing relationship of upper tooling provides the capability to make higher quality parts to exact print specifications.

Extended Tool Life

Additional guiding improves part accuracy and helps extend tool life.

Reduced Set-Up Effort

The Press Stop Adjustment reduces the amount of effort required to install tooling and get to final part size and weight.

Simple Installation

The new design Dual Upper Punch replaces your existing Dual Upper Punch with no changes required to the press.Special Solution Packages to solve unique customer problems are available on a request basis. Contact CINCINNATI Technical Service Department for a comprehensive list of what is available for your specific press.


CINCINNATI P/M Accessories are available to add new capability and provide new features to your existing press. Available accessories include the following:

EL-TEMP Warm Compaction Systems

CINCINNATI was one of the pioneers in development of Warm Compaction Technology. The CINCINNATI EL-TEMP System was designed for processing particulate materials that require heating of the powder prior to pressing and for pressing parts using heated tooling. The system is integrated with the press to perform the following functions:

  • Heat Powder
  • Deliver Heated Powder to Press Feeder
  • Feed Heated Powder to the Die Cavity
  • Heat Tooling
  • Provide Integrated Control with Press Functions
  • Provide Process Monitoring Capability

CINCINNATI EL-TEMP Systems are available to provide powder delivery rates of:

  • 5# Per Minute10# Per Minute
  • 20# Per Minute30# Per Minute
  • 40# Per Minute

The CINCINNATI EL-TEMP System is the only fully integrated Warm Compaction System available to provide process capability to handle insulated iron applications and density enhancement applications. Contact CINCINNATI Marketing Department for help in selecting the right system for your specific requirement.

For a complete list of available accessories available for your specific CINCINNATI P/M Press, Contact Us

El Temp Warm Compaction System
El Temp Warm Compaction System