The Unfolder Software is an option for offline use, for either CINCINNATI Laser Programming and Nesting Software or CINCINNATI Bend Simulation Software or both. When purchased and added to either of the above, the user will have the ability to unfold 3D solid models.

Bend Simulation

The Bend Simulation Software allows for offline programming of the Maxform, Proform+, and Autoform+ press brakes. The interface replicates that of the control so a user trained on one will be proficient on the other.


Laser Programming and Nesting Software takes 2D CAD files in DXF, DWG or IGES format and turns these files into the machine code necessary to run a CINCINNATI laser. A user-friendly Windows interface provides a well-known environment for quickly producing parts and nests using the latest cutting techniques.


Scheduler Software is a software package that schedules and nests laser parts on one or more Lasers. It has functions similar to a MRP system and is an ideal management tool for companies that employ lean manufacturing principles.

Gold Partners

The Cincinnati Gold Partner Program is a voluntary cooperative partnership between Cincinnati Incorporated and 3rd party software suppliers.