Over 100 years of innovation, endurance, and performance.

We are one of a handful of U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturers, and have shipped more than 50,000 machines in over a 100 years of operation. From our modern 500,000-square-foot plant and technical center on an 80 acre campus near Cincinnati, Ohio, we engineer and build our machines to the standard of ruggedness required in the North American market – with premium engineering features that stand up to years of rigorous use in demanding environments.

Our drive for innovation is evident in the design of our machines, controls and software. We developed the first linear-motor-driven laser cutting systems, and still produce our own linear motors, controls and software – unique in the industry.

Our machines' endurance is legendary. It is common to see Depression-era CINCINNATI press brakes and shears in daily use today. In fact, one of our first commercial laser cutting systems from the eighties is still in operation. This means low cost of ownership for our customers and high resale values.

Performance? CINCINNATI machines consistently top owner surveys for dependability and satisfaction. We sell direct in the U.S. and our service technicians are factory-trained employees. Parts are ordered through and shipped from our corporate headquarters in Harrison, Ohio.

We continue to demonstrate a young outlook and willingness to embrace new ideas and technology – while staying true to our heritage in innovation, endurance, performance.


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Innovative Product Features


Linear Motor Drives

In 1996 Cincinnati became the first manufacturer to use linear motors in laser cutting systems. This innovation raised the bar in speed, accuracy and durability. Learn more about our Linear Motor Drives

Air Assist Cutting

Increasing Laser Productivity for Over 10 Years! CINCINNATI has offered a process where clean, filtered, air is used as a substitute for the expensive nitrogen assist gas for both CO2 and Fiber lasers. Learn more about our Air Assist Cutting!

Productivity Software

We offer in-house software for all of our machines. Click on the following software to learn more:


CINCINNATI’s Dynamic Thickness Compensation provides accurate bending capability over a broad variety of materials. Parts bent with "true" air bend dies, generating more than 3% of the machine's capacity and having included angles between 75 and 155 degrees may benefit from CINCINNATI's Dynamic Thickness Compensation. Learn more about Dynamic Thickness Compensation