• Electro-Mechanical Drive System

  • Heavy Duty Roller Screws

  • Adjustable Working Height

  • Accurate & Ergonomic

  • 6-Axis Backgage

  • Long Stroke & Open Height

  • American, European or WT/New Standard Tooling

  • Electric powered

  • 40 Tons x 40”

  • Compact Size & Easy to Move

  • No Floor Anchors Required

  • PC Based Touchscreen Control

  • Air & Bottom Bend

  • Quick Clamp System

  • Low Power Usage

  • +/- 0.0002" Ram Repeatability

Goform Electric Press Brake Overview Video

This is a video overview of the Goform Series Press Brake. 

Goform Electric Press Brake Details


The Goform is the perfect solution for small parts - up to ¼” thick and less than 50 pounds. This machine can be easily moved with a fork truck or overhead crane and put into production without being anchored to the floor. The work height is adjustable; operators will be comfortable sitting or standing. With the Goform, you can adapt to changing plant layouts and work flows.

Goform Electric Press Brake Portability

This 40 ton press brake is ready for long hours and multi-shift operation. The heavy-duty, stress-relieved frame was designed for full tonnage with minimal deflection.  The drive system utilizes satellite roller screws that distribute load over a greater contact area than ball screws, reducing heat and wear and providing long life.

Fast Setup
The Goform can be configured to use the three major tooling styles; American, WT/New Standard and European.  Express Clamp systems from Wilson Tool provide fast setup, self-seating, and low maintenance with leak-free mechanical clamps.
The Express Die Holder uses a full-length clamp bar instead of multiple set screws allowing you to use segmented dies anywhere along the length of the bed.  European1V and 2V die holders can be used directly on the bed, without the need for a filler block.

A small machine doesn’t have to have limited stroke and open height. The GoForm is equipped with a 10” stroke and 17” open height for jobs requiring tall tools and adapters.  The backgage is a precision six axis backgage with flip up gage fingers.  A six axis backgage is the ideal solution for both basic and complex part shapes. 

High resolution incremental encoders assure exceptional ram repeatability for accurate forming of small parts.  The long ram guides and low friction slide liners produce smooth ram motion with minimal maintenance.
Wedge height adjustments in the die holder provide a simple method to maintain bed-to-ram parallelism to form consistent bend angles in long parts.

Easy To Use
Cincinnati’s PC-based control with a large touchscreen display helps the operator setup jobs quickly with consistent results.  Pre-loaded tool files simplify programming and improve first bend accuracy. A Job Setup screen displays tool names and tool locations and contains a notepad for additional instructions.   Photos, drawings and video files can be attached when visual instructions are needed.  3D views of the bend sequence reduce part handling errors. Programs can be created on the control or offline with Cincinnati’s Bend Simulation Module.

Purchase Press Brake Tooling
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Upgrade Options

If you already have a CI Press Brake and are wanting more productivity features, below are available upgrades.


Press Brake Software

This software is available for the Maxform Series Press Brake. Click on the image to learn more about each software.

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