Compacting Presses

Parts Maker

The Parts Maker Compacting Powdered Metal Presses can produce parts with 3 lower and 2 upper levels and features Withdrawal-Floating-Die Pressing Motion, Precision Accurate Guiding and Computer-Controlled Feed Shoe.

Fast Set-up

The Fast Set-Up Compacting Powdered Metal Press accepts Die-Sets with 1, 2 or 3 Moving Platens, can produce parts with 4 lower and 2 upper levels, and features Computer Control over Critical Part Functions and available Optional Simulator.

Rigid Reflex

The Rigid Reflex Compacting Powdered Metal Presses feature a Rugged Construction which provides Reliable Service, can produce parts with 4 lower and 2 upper levels, Precise Guiding Maintains Accuracy, Extensive Pressing Motion Control and Computer Controlled.


Power Die Change

The Power Die Change Compacting Powdered Metal Presses feature Exchange System which reduces changeover times, full range part making adjustments, Hydraulic/Mechanical Hybrid Design, Die Sets which are available with 1,2, or 3 platens, can produce parts with 5 lower and 3 upper levels and contains Computer Servo Control.

Hybrid Servo

The Hybrid Servo Compacting Powdered Metal Presses feature Mechanical-Hydraulic CNC Combination, have Controlled Multi-Level Part Making Capability and contain a Graphical Tool Library, Powered Die Set Exchange, Full Time Connectivity, Optimized Space Utilization and CINCINNATI CIMPACS™ Control System.


Restrike & Sizing Press

Rigid Restrike

The Rigid Restrike Powdered Metal Presses are designed for Coining, Calibration, and Sizing and can produce parts with 5 lower and 3 upper levels. They feature a Rigid Structure which minimizes Deflection, Automatic Dial Feeder, Built-in Precision Guiding and Adjustments, and Contains Part Probes and Built-in Checks.


Powdered Metal Press Programs


The PM Equipment Reconditioning and Major Repair Program was established to provide our customers with a well-organized documented process to provide high quality repair, reconditioning and upgrading of existing equipment.

Upgrade Retrofits

The Upgrade Retrofit PM Program has been developed to add the latest design improvements to increase productivity and help extend the economic useful life of the press. Updating your CINCINNATI Powdered Metal press through the addition of Retrofit Packages is a cost effective way to keep your existing presses competitive.


PM Service

The Planned Maintenance Service (PMS) Program was developed to minimize risk of unplanned downtime and to achieve maximum press utilization. The formal structured program provides a documented comprehensive inspection procedure that is then used to plan future maintenance activities so they can be performed on a scheduled basis.