• Designed for Coining, Calibration, and Sizing

  • Rigid Structure Minimizes Deflection

  • Automatic Dial Feeder

  • Built-in Precision Guiding and Adjustments

  • Produce Parts with 5 lower and 3 upper levels

  • Contains Part Probes and Built-in Checks

Rigid Restrike Powdered Metal Press Details

Multi-Function Capability

The Rigid Restrike press was designed for both Sizing and Coining operations. Normal sizing operations involve qualification or calibration of specific part geometries or dimensions. A stiff rigid press structure is needed to maintain precision during these functions. Coining operations involve further densification of a part or putting additional features on the part. This requires substantial force as well as accuracy. Rigid Restrike presses are a well-guided, very stiff structure that was designed to provide long reliable service either sizing or coining.

Rugged Robust Structure
Rugged Robust Structure

Rugged Robust Structure

The press uses an all steel welded construction tie rod design press structure to handle the high impact loads developed during typical restrike operations. The high modulus structure is important for accurate repeatable part-to-part production.

Integrated Dial Feed Automation System

A servo controlled Dial Feeder provided as standard equipment automatically moves parts through the following stations:

  • Load Station (Optional Orientation Station)
  • Pre-Press Part check Station
  • Die Cavity Pressing Station
  • Post-Press Part check Station
  • Unload Station

Multi-Level Part Capability

The Rigid Restrike Press has available motions to provide independent adjustments for the following part levels:

  • Outer Upper Punch
  • Inner Upper Punch
  • Shelf Die or Straight Die
  • Major Lower Punch
  • Outer Core Rod Punch
  • Stepped or Straight Through Inner Core Rod

CINCINNATI Press Control Center

Fingertip programmable computer control of press functions is provided by the Press Control Center designed and built by CINCINNATI. The combination of Menu Driven Software and Softkey Technology simplify set-up and operation to reduce operator effort and ensure proper production of repeat production lots.