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CI Unfolder Software

Unfolder Existing Software Users

This area contains the most recent version of the CINCINNATI Unfolder Software.

For more information contact CINCINNATI at (513) 367-7100 or Email Us.

Unfolder_03.28.0010 .exe

Full installation package of Version 03.28.0010 (release date 7-17-18). This software is a fully functional update that can handle SolidWorks 2016.

Note: If you do not have eligible license authorization to install this software update, please do not install the update. A 64-bit computer is now required for this new Unfolder Module upgrade.

To check eligibility for the update, please go to the AutoPOL Customer Service Portal:

  • Enter your Login Customer Number

  • Enter your Login Password

  • Locate your Subscription Information, verify your Lock ID and Expiration Date

  • If the Expiration Date is in the future, return to this page and proceed with the download.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Downloading and installing a version beyond the date allowed by your license will require you to purchase an upgrade or revert back to your previous version.

Expiration date of your license can be checked via the AutoPOL customer login

Please do not download software from the AutoPOL site directly—it can crash your workstation. Return to this page for your download.

You may wish to check compatibility of this latest Unfolder Software version with your current or future solid modeling system.

Go to:

USB HASP Software Driver:

Unfolder Network Key License Manager