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SE Series Hydraulic Shears
SE Series Hydraulic Shears

capacities1/2" to 1-1/4" Capacity

shear constructionUp to 20' Lengths

warranty1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty


SE Series Hydraulic Shear

Portable machine controls are pedestal mounted for easy, convenient operation. The power-operated backgage with digital control enables accurate setups to be made quickly.

Electronically variable rake and cut length result in fast stroking speeds. Machine cycling is initiated using a convenient footswitch. Quick response-time valves with microprocessor control provide faster processing and higher productivity.

Material positioning occurs as the pre-programmed microcomputer control properly positions the backgage. The LED readout of actual gage position in .001" or .01 millimeters allows the operator to quickly verify the gage position. Twin precision lead screws are mounted in a heavy-duty steel frame to maintain precise backgage alignment. Shock absorbing springs further protect position accuracy and compensate for material impact against the gage surface.

Final blank accuracy is maintained within tight tolerances cut after cut, using the programmable microcomputer gage control which automatically positions the backgage within + .005".

High-pressure hydraulic holddowns clamp material securely with tons of force to prevent movement during cutting. Holddowns can be activated independent of the knife permitting verification of material position. This feature will improve accuracy when cutting to a scribed line.

Long life on all wearing surfaces is further assured by centralized automatic lubrication, delivering oil to all necessary lubrication points.

Protection of the precision backgage against plate impact is provided by shock absorbing springs.

Shielding the backgage cross shaft from damage by lift trucks and crane hooks is assured by locating it forward of the ram brace.

Blank accuracy and parallelism are maintained by precise calibration of micrometer adjusting nuts with graduations of .001" on each backgage screw.

Maximum reliability and ease of maintenance are assured by the unique hydraulic manifold block on which all valves are mounted with flanged fittings and "O' ring seals. This eliminates the majority of piping and fittings plaguing maintenance personnel on conventional hydraulic shears.

Trouble free operation is maintained by self-aligning clevis mounted cylinders, which eliminate binding of packing and minimize oil leakage.


  • 1/2" to 1-1/4" Capacity

  • Up to 20' Lengths

  • 1 Year & Labor Parts Warranty

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