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SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing) is a fully-automated 3D printing solution for engineering and manufacturing teams who wish to rapidly produce prototypes, concept models, and plastic tooling. 

SAAM is Built to Share. 

The SAAM offers the only automated part removal in the industry. It is paired with NVCloud software that allows users to print parts anytime, from any cloud-connected device – while providing administrators with full control of print queues and workflows typical in a shared-use scenario.  This combination of capabilities saves time and money, and makes the SAAM uniquely suited for continuous 24-7 operation in multi-user environments.

Made in the USA
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SAAM Overview

While metal fabricators can usually prototype a sheet-metal part in minutes with a laser and a brake they often have difficulty prototyping metal or plastic parts.  The SAAM is a fast easy solution to making parts that are typically machined. 




steel frame feedrate camera control material print area

Steel Fab Frame

0.16 lbs/hr Feedrate

Time-Lapse Camera

Web-based Control

PLA Material

7.9" x 7.4" x 9.4" Print Area


Precision Engineering

  • Designed by MIT Engineers
  • Accurate Motion Control System
  • Always Level Print Bed

Made in America

  • Built Tough
  • Just Like America

Built to Last

  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Industry-Leading Reliability

SAAM Software

 SAAM Software Dashboard

3D Print From Anywhere

  • 1-Click 3D Print
  • Start, Stop, and Skip From Any Device
  • Remote Monitoring with Live HD Video Feed
  • Track Material Usage in Real-Time
  • Receive Alerts When Your 3D Print is Complete

Securely Manage 3D Printing Enterprise-Wide

Encrypted File Storage

Keep your sensitive 3D models secure and manage who gets access to them. Industry-grade encryption and secure communication protocols keep your businesses’ data safe.

Single Sign-On

Integrate NVCloud seamlessly with your enterprise’s existing user authentication system. Ensure only your trusted employees gain access to your 3D printers.

User Permissions

Manage which employees can gain access to your production plans and 3D printers. Control access to all of your 3D printers remotely and easily administrate usage.

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