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Cincinnati Incorporated to Sponsor the 2019 Flying Pig Marathon

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) will sponsor the 2019 Flying Pig Marathon, also known as the Pig Party, on May 3-5 in Cincinnati at the Duke Energy Convention Center. In 2018, CI donated a 3D printed 26.2 that was displayed at both the expo and the finish line. This year, the company will be donating a custom 3D printed 13.1 to complete the set. The 13.1 was painted by one of CI’s Planar Operators, John Monroe, who works in the Die Department.  It will be unveiled at the event and displayed at the finish line. This new addition offers runners the same great selfie opportunities that the 26.2 offered last year. 

The Flying Pig Marathon is run by Cincinnati Marathon, Inc – a non-profit organization formed specifically to host the event and raise money for charities. In the last 20 years that the Flying Pig Marathon has been running, the Flying “Piganthropy” program has helped raise over 16 million dollars for the charities involved. The mission of Cincinnati Marathon, Inc is to provide an event that is open to athletes of all abilities, to inspire community celebration and to be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. The race sees over 40,000 participants a year, as well as over 8,000 volunteers. Over 100,000 spectators line the streets to the see the variety of events offered. 

This is the fourth year Cincinnati Incorporated has sponsored the Flying Pig Marathon. As part of their wellness program that encourages workers and their families to be active and life a healthy lifestyle, CI covers the registration fees for all employees and their families who wish to participate. The 3D printed 13.1 that will be donated was printed on CI’s Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) machine. 

BAAM is an industrial sized additive machine featuring a steel plated frame, an 80 lbs per hour federate, linear motor drives and a touchscreen control. The machine uses the chassis and drives of Cincinnati’s gantry-style laser system as the base and builds parts layer by layer by extruding hot thermoplastics. The extruder can use a range of thermoplastics to print parts for a variety of industries. 

In this case, the American Machine Tool Manufacturer utilized BAAM to custom print the 13.1 that will be unveiled at the Flying Pigs Marathon. The 13.1 is made out of ABS plastic with carbon fiber and took 10 hours to print on the machine. To see the 13.1 in person, be sure to join the Pig Party May 3-5 in downtown Cincinnati.