CI to Launch New Fiber Laser and Portable Electric Press Brake at FABTECH 2016

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) a leading provider of built-to-order machine tools, announces its participation as an exhibitor at FABTECH 2016 (November 16-18, Las Vegas, NV).  

Located in booth C31102 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the exhibit will feature the company’s latest product lines – the CL-960 fiber laser, the MAXFORM high speed hydraulic press brake,and the recently introduced GOFORM electric press brake. 

Bent part on Goform Electric Press Brake

The CL-960 laser boasts a 6,000W light source and will show a fresh look packed with new features.  In addition to fiber laser’s fast cutting speed and precision, the CL-960 leverages air assist cutting technology to further reduce production costs. CI’s GOFORM is a 40 ton, portable electric press brake with 6-axis backgaging.  The system is equipped with the same HMI control standard on other CI press brake models.  Also on display will be a replica of the Orion spacecraft showcasing CI’s BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) 3D printing capabilities.

CINCINNATI Marketing Manager, Matt Garbarino comments:

“We’re naturally excited to be participating once again in North America’s premier show for the metal fabrication industry.  With its extensive collection of fabricators, machinery, software, and service providers, FABTECH offers a unique opportunity to showcase our latest in metal fabrication and additive manufacturing technologies.  Anyone looking to enhance cutting and forming capabilities, part quality and shop floor efficiency should make it a point to see what CINCINNATI has to offer.”

About CINCINNATI, Incorporated

Headquartered in Harrison, Ohio, CI engineers and builds machine tools to the standard of ruggedness required in the North American market – with premium engineering features that stand up to years of rigorous use in demanding environments.  Since the late 1890s, we’ve built our reputation on three principles: innovation, performance and endurance.  Over the years we’ve continually solidified our leadership position by providing manufacturers with accurate, dependable laser cutting and automation, as well as metal fabrication equipment, including press brakes, shears and conveyor systems, powder metal presses, and most recently, the BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) large-part additive system.  Today we continue to remain responsive to the changing needs of industry embracing new ideas and technology – while staying true to our heritage and principles.