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Press Brake Literature


Cincinnati Products Catalog

Our extensive line of rugged, reliable laser cutting systems, press brakes, shears, PM presses and BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) offer the highest level of performance for the lifetime of every one of our machines.

Press Brake Stocked Dies

Over 130 tool types ranging from Air Bend to Flattening. Tongue Sizes are 5/8" height and 1/2" width.

Press Brake Standard Filler Block Specifications

All types will accommodate dies with 1/2" (12.7mm) wide tongues. Width of die slot is held between 0.506" and 0.510" wide (12.85mm - 12.95mm). Special filler blocks can also be supplied.

Press Brake Operator Safety Guidelines

Reading and understanding these safety guidelines can help provide a safer press brake working environment.

Press Brake Quickset Dies

Our precision dies are made of 80 to 90 high carbon brake die steel, heat-treated throughout, 245 to 290 Brinell. Each die is tough and wear resistant. They can be remachined without the necessity to anneal and reharden.

Press Brake Operator Fundamentals

This "Basic Press Brake Operator Fundamentals" program reviews basic procedures which everyone working on or around a press brake should follow.

Press Brake Long Forming

Confidence is knowing that your investment - machine, control, backgage, and tooling- are designed, manufactured, and supported by a single source, Cincinnati Incorporated.

Press Brake Capacities

This brochure explains the basics on how to make quality parts on your CINCINNATI press brake. Use the charts to calculate the required tonnage quickly and easily.

Press Brake Safeguarding

To provide a safe workplace for our employees. This booklet offers some of the ideas and methods we suggest for safeguarding employees using press brakes.

Bend Allowance Chart

Bend allowances for sheet metal air bends (mild steel only)

Press Brake Upgrades

This is a list of options that can be upgraded on your press brake to improve it's productivity.

Extended Support Plans

To maximize your machine uptime, CI offers the following 4 Levels of comprehensive support based on your needs and budget.