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Media Kit

If you are member of the media, here you can access our company logos, high-resolution product images, read past press release and email campaigns, and learn more about our current product lines.

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History of CI

We are one of a handful of U.S.-based, build-to-order machine tool manufacturers, and have shipped more than 50,000 machines in over 100 years of operation. From our modern 500,000-square-foot plant and technical center on an 80 acre campus near Cincinnati, Ohio, we engineer and build our machines to the standard of ruggedness required in the North American market – with premium engineering features that stand up to years of rigorous use in demanding environments.

Company Strategy


To continuously improve upon our proud heritage by delivering high quality and innovative machine tool solutions to our Customers, providing for the well-being of our Employees, and enhancing value for our Stakeholders

Core Values

  1. Continuous Respect for People
    We treat every individual we interact with from around the world with dignity and as we would like to be treated ourselves.

  2. Uncompromising Integrity
    We stay true to what we believe, adhere to honesty, fairness, and doing the right thing without compromise, even when circumstances make it difficult.

  3. Focus on our Customers
    We put the customer first by listening to their needs and provide valuable solutions they are willing to pay for.

  4. Community Leadership
    We willingly support the well-being of communities that support us through active volunteerism and philanthropic support.

  5. Technology & Innovation
    We utilize technology to enhance our productivity and develop intuitive products and applications that help our customers solve their problems.

  6. Environmental Stewardship
    We are a responsible global citizen that proactively balances the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profits.

  7. Personal Growth
    We collectively create a work environment where employees experience meaningful direction, functional mastery, and a deep sense of purpose.

  8. Relentless Attention to Quality
    We are never satisfied with the status quo and constantly strive to improve our processes, products, and the quality of life for all involved.

  9. Teamwork & Collaboration
    We work together to achieve common goals by fostering communication, encourage participation, respect the ideas of others, and embrace a willingness to compromise for the overall good of the team.

  10. Continuous Improvement
    We continually review where we are, set measurable goals for improvement, and achieve those goals.


By working together, we aspire to become the preferred supplier in the machine tool industry, emerge as an innovative leader delivering game-changing products, services and technologies, and be recognized as a great place to work

Product Literature and Fact Sheets

All other literature about CINCINNATI and its products can be found by visiting our Literature Download page.

Cincinnati Products Catalog

Our extensive line of rugged, reliable laser cutting systems, press brakes, shears, PM presses and BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) offer the highest level of performance for the lifetime of every one of our machines.

BAAM Fact Sheet

We’ve made history with our groundbreaking 3D printing technology.
This technology allows you to create 3D large-scale products in a matter of hours.

BAAM 3D Printed Projects Sheet

This is a quick reference guide to the print times, extruder, and material used by BAAM to 3D print each project. Please note, the finishings of all 3D printed projects were not included in the total print times. Finishings were applied after the printing was completed

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CI In the News

Customer Testimonials

Todrin Industries
Lasers & Press Brakes

We spoke with Todd Nichols, Vice-President and Dick Nichols, President of Todrin Industries and they shared their experiences in productivity both with our Laser Systems and Press Brakes. Learn More about our Laser Systems and Press Brakes.

Midland Metal Products

We spoke with BJ McDonald, Co-Owner of Midland Metal Products in Chicago, IL. Here is what he had to say about our lasers. Learn more about our Laser Cutting Systems

Falso Industries, Inc.

We spoke with Ray Falso, President of Falso Industries, Inc. in Syracuse, NY. Here is what he had to say about our lasers. Learn more about our Laser Cutting Systems

E-Box Enclosures
Press Brakes

We spoke with Jim Bergert, Vice President of Finance of E-Box Enclosures in Alabaster, AL. Here is what he had to say about our Press Brakes. Learn more about our press brakes



Carey Chen, President & CEO

“CI’s laser systems offer a broad array of productivity solutions for metal fabricators including: our productive stand-alone models, dual pallet tables, material handling and part sorting systems. CI’s software can further optimize our customers’ productivity through products like our Scheduler software which enables fabricators to load balance their schedule laser jobs for faster overall throughput.”

“CI’s “Voice of the Customer” program allows us to focus on the ever-changing needs of our customers. The introduction of our BaseForm hydraulic press brake in 2010 offered a lower-cost entry into the CI press brake family. Today in 2015, the new GoForm electric press brake will fill another gap, targeting metal fabricators who process smaller parts, require minimal footprints, and value machines that are portable."

"We are in an exciting process of rejuvenation and renewal at CI, reinvesting heavily in our technologies, facilities, and workforce. Our recent long-term strategy development includes the continued evolution of our core products, the expansion of new products and services, and entering new markets and industries on a global basis.”ƒƒ

“We developed and pioneered the use of high-speed linear-motor axis drives on laser cutting systems and now the same technology is taking us into the next generation of machine tools”

“BAAM is driving a spirit of renewal at CI, as there has been a tremendous response to the machine and the impact it has on manufacturing processes. This sense of rejuvenation also led to a new branding initiative and website (, so this is having a positive impact on our entire company.”

“The 3D items we have created from BAAM such as vehicles, kayaks, and aircraft replicas show the art of the possible with additive manufacturing.”

Customer Testimonial Quotes

Todrin Industries | Laser and Press Brake Success Story
Todd Nichols, Vice-President

“We have seen..up to a 300% increase from our old our new CINCINNATI linear drive system”

“The Maxform with the 6-axis backgage is very fast, it enables us to do multiple setups coming down the bed”

Dick Nichols, President

“We’ve never had a real problem with CINCINNATI equipment...very little down time”

“When they talk about being CINCINNATI Strong, these machines are built to last”

Midland Metal Products | Laser and Automation Success Story
BJ McDonald, Co-Owner

“If the laser system is an airport and the parts coming out of it are airplanes, that operation can’t happen without an air traffic control system; the CI Scheduler in a way is that air traffic control system”

“We eliminated 30-40 OBI Punch Presses with only 2 lasers”

“What I can tell you definitively is I am enjoying a 99.1+ uptime percentage with CINCINNATI products”

“If we didn’t build a relationship with CINCINNATI and introduce a laser system...utilizing a brilliant material handling system, I believe we would be out of business at this point”

“We were looking for a system builder rather than a machine tool manufacturer and that’s what we found with CINCINNATI”

Falso Industries, Inc. | Laser Success Story
Ray Falso, President

“When we were evaluating laser systems, CINCINNATI became the front-runner mainly because how quickly we can get the parts out”

“Our CINCINNATI Laser has contributed to our success in small lot manufacturing by the way we’re able to quickly program and process the first part off the machine”

“The fiber laser has been extremely productive . What makes it so the speed; we are doing some jobs 10 times faster”

“For someone considering buying a laser, I would definitely recommend CINCINNATI. They offer a full package; everything from support, to service, machine performance, and longevity”

E-box Enclosures | Press Brake Success Story
Jim Bergert, Vice-President of Finance

“I needed it [CI Press Brake] to be predictable, reliable, and I needed it to repeat itself over and over again and we get that with the CINCINNATI”

“We’ve increase the speed therefore getting more bends per hour”

“The machine is making more parts today than what it replaced”

“I just like knowing that the press brake, when we come in in the morning and we crank it up, its going to go up and down and it’s going to build boxes for us”

“Its a good reliable piece of equipment, when you buy the press brake with the features that you need, you will be more than satisfied”

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