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Nesting Software
Nesting Software

cadNests 2D CAD parts

filesAccepts DXF, DWG, IGES

cuttingCommon line cutting

feature avoidanceFeature Avoidance


Software Overview

CINCINNATI offers the following software solutions to improve productivity:

This video provides an overview and explanation of these software packages.

Laser Programming & Nesting Software

The CINCINNATI Laser Programming and Nesting Software takes 2D CAD files in DXF, DWG or IGES format and turns these files into the machine code necessary to run a CINCINNATI laser.

A user-friendly Windows interface provides a well-known environment for quickly producing parts and nests using the latest cutting techniques.

The software fixes gaps and multiple overlapping entities common in CAD files. The system can lay out a variety of different parts on a customer specified sheet size to optimize material utilization. The nest optimizes the tool path including head down operation, utilizing the exclusive CINCINNATI feature avoidance package.

The most advanced cutting techniques are built into the system. Annual upgrades ensure that the latest techniques are available to increase part quality and productivity. The resulting G codes and M codes are ready for world-class production.


  • Nests 2D CAD parts and converts to machine code

  • Accepts DXF, DWG, IGES formats

  • Remnant nesting

  • Common line cutting

  • Feature avoidance (head down operation)

  • Included on laser control and 1 PC license

Software Innovation


Gold Partners

The CINCINNATI Gold Partner Program is a voluntary cooperative partnership between Cincinnati Incorporated and 3rd party software suppliers. Users benefit by having more software choices for programming CINCINNATI machines, validated 3rd party post-processors for CINCINNATI machines, the ability to purchase programming software for various brand equipment and improved access to the latest software features and products and features. Learn More