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CI Laser Programming and Nesting Software


This area contains the most recent version of the CINCINNATI Laser Nesting & Programming Software.

For more information contact CINCINNATI at (513) 367-7100 or Email Us.


Full installation package of Version (release date 10-8-19). This can be used for new installations or updates of any previous version.

Note: Version 6.4 of the software requires Windows XP or later operating system. Users of Windows 2000 and earlier must stay with Version 6.3 or earlier.



Separate installer for all default nesting configuration files.


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

This may be needed to run the latest CINCINNATI Nesting software on Laser Controls shipped before Feb. 2009. If you get a "Application failed to initialize properly" error when starting the nesting software after updating it, install DotNetFX35.exe.


This area contains the most recent version of the HASP & Hardlock copy protection key drivers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The single user Hardlock device will not work with Windows Vista or Windows 7, they will only work on computers running Windows XP and older operating systems.  If you have an old hardlock device and you want to upgrade to a new computer running Windows Vista  or Windows 7, you will need to contact the CINCINNATI Parts Department to purchase a HASP device. If you are unsure which lock you have, the USB Hardlock is about 2" long, blue and will say "Hardlock" on it.  The USB Hasp is about 1" long, green, and will say "Hasp HL" on it.



Latest version of Hardlock and HASP device drivers (Version 7.41). This driver works with both the HASP and Hardlock devices.

Note: Do not use with Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95.



Hardlock Server software version 4.60. Supports USB Server Hardlocks. This software should only be installed on a computer that has a network Hardlock installed.



HASP Server software. Supports USB Server HASP's. This software should only be installed on a computer that has a network HASP installed. 

Note: The network HASP software requires that port 475 be open for both TCP and UDP traffic on the client and server computers. Any firewalls in use must be configured to allow port 475 traffic.



Network HASP configuration file. This file can be edited with the actual server IP address and placed in the client's application directory, Windows directory or Windows\System32 directory. This is usually only necessary if the client computer and server computer are located on different subnets.



Hardlock/HASP diagnostic program. This file installs the Aladdin DiagnostiX program to help diagnose Hardlock and HASP problems.


CINCINNATI can assist in troubleshooting your machine through the use of TeamViewer. This software allows our support group to remotely access your control so we can better understand any problems that are occurring.


Remote diagnostics software. No installation required, just download and run.