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Find Your Sales Representative

Use the map below to locate your CI Sales Representative

Ken Satryb
Phone: 513-706-9231   Email:
Patrick Mulloy
Phone: 513-476-9316   Email:
Craig Barbeck
Phone: 513-368-9313   Email:
Jason Ayotte
Phone: 513-382-3032   Email:
Pat King
Phone: 513-550-3059   Email:
Mark Rosenberger
Phone: 513-706-9227   Email:
Travis Hancock
Phone: 513-907-9883   Email:
Chris Buono
Phone: 513-235-1384   Email:
Tyler Cunningham
Phone: 513-907-9871   Email:
Dave Edison
Phone: 612-710-3745   Email:>
Mark Greve
Phone: 513-706-9216   Email:
Mark Heidenreich
Phone: 513-477-3468   Email:
Eric Blasiman
Phone: 513-266-9099   Email:
Adam Yborra
Phone: 513-284-8820   Email:
Nicholas Thielmann
Phone: 513-628-7856   Email:
Alejandro Chavez - Canada Representative
Phone: 513-284-5409   Email:
Troy Robinson - International Representative
Phone: 513-367-7505   Email:

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