CI Extended Service Plan

CI Extended Service Plan (ESP)


The purposes of the Extended Service Plan (ESP) is to increase customer satisfaction by eliminating unexpected repair bills, providing annual machine checkups, and have the ability to finance the ESP costs with new machines.



ESP - Extended Service Plan

When referencing “parts” in either the warranty or ESP:

  • Covered: Parts
  • Not Covered: Consumables and wear items

Plan Includes:

  • Planned Maintenance (PM) service visit each year (does not include PM consumables)
  • 10% discount on consumables and wear items for covered machine
  • User responsible for scheduled maintenance listed in Operation Safety and Maintenance Manual using CI parts

Example of Parts vs. Consumables/Wear Items

Parts Consumables/Wear Items Parts Consumables/Wear Items
Transformer Nozzle Servo Valve Oil Filter
Relay Lens Encoder Air Breather
Keyboard Bellows Pump Gage Finger


Fiber & CO2 Laser:
Warranty & ESP


  • Labor
  • Laser Machine
  • Laser Head
  • Power Source
  • Chiller
Machines 1 Year 2nd - 5th Year (Optional)
Std. Warranty Opt. ESP
CL-920 Warranty ESP
CL-940 Warranty ESP
CL-960 Warranty ESP
CL-980 Warranty ESP
CL-440 Warranty ESP

Press Brake: Warranty & ESP


  • Labor
  • Press Brake Parts
    (*Covered for 5 Years)
  • Backgage
  • Control
  • Wilson/Wila Clamps
Machines 1 Year 2nd - 5th Year (Optional)
Std. Warranty Opt. ESP
Baseform Warranty ESP
Goform Warranty ESP
*Proform+ Warranty ESP
*Autoform+ Warranty ESP
*Maxform Warranty ESP
*Lg. Proform+ Warranty ESP
*Lg. Autoform+ Warranty ESP

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