CI Extended Service Plan

CI Extended Service Plan (ESP)


The purposes of the Extended Service Plan (CI-ESP) is to increase customer satisfaction by eliminating unexpected repair bills, provide assurance by providing annual machine checkups, and have the ability to finance the ESP costs with new machines.



ESP - Extended Service Plan

When referencing “parts” in either the warranty or ESP:

  • Covered: Parts
  • Not Covered: Consumables and wear items

Plan Includes:

  • Planned Maintenance (PM) service visit each year (does not include PM consumables)
  • 10% discount on consumables and wear items for covered machine
  • User responsible for scheduled maintenance listed in Operation Safety and Maintenance Manual using CI parts

Example of Parts vs. Consumables/Wear Items

Parts Consumables/Wear Items Parts Consumables/Wear Items
Transformer Nozzle Servo Valve Oil Filter
Relay Lens Encoder Air Breather
Keyboard Bellows Pump Gage Finger


Fiber & CO2 Laser:
Warranty & ESP


  • Labor
  • Laser Machine
  • Laser Head
  • Power Source
  • Chiller
Machines 1 Year 2nd - 5th Year (Optional)
Std. Warranty Opt. ESP
CL-920 Warranty ESP
CL-940 Warranty ESP
CL-960 Warranty ESP
CL-980 Warranty ESP
CL-440 Warranty ESP

Press Brake: Warranty & ESP


  • Labor
  • Press Brake Parts
    (*Covered for 5 Years)
  • Backgage
  • Control
  • Wilson/Wila Clamps
Machines 1 Year 2nd - 5th Year (Optional)
Std. Warranty Opt. ESP
Baseform Warranty ESP
Goform Warranty ESP
*Proform+ Warranty ESP
*Autoform+ Warranty ESP
*Maxform Warranty ESP
*Lg. Proform+ Warranty ESP
*Lg. Autoform+ Warranty ESP

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