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The Demo on Demand feature is another way for metal fabricator's to interact with CINCINNATI Incorporated by using the internet, webcams and online meeting services. With this technology, we are able to one-on-one, choreograph a demonstration of our lasers, press brakes, shears, or PM presses "virtually" and allow the viewers to see our products in the convenience of their office on a computer.

These demonstrations will be tailored to your application and will have more interactive elements to better see the potential of CI machines.

CI Demo on Demand

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Demo on Demand Layout Illustrations

There are multiple web-cams placed inside and outside of the interested machines for a full viewing experience.

Press Brake Illustration (webcams)
Laser Illustration (webcams)

Demo on Demand Customer Experience

Here is a screen capture showing the web cam views on our CL-900 Fiber Laser System.

In addition to webcams, we are able to show the machine's control through desktop sharing thereby allowing viewers to see the control while the machine is in operation.

A closer look at how the webcams are viewed on your computer screen.