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 CPX300 High Definition Plasma Table
Made in the USA
 CPX300 High Definition Plasma Table

CPX300 High Definition Plasma Table

The newest member to CI’s cutting family is the CPX-300 high definition plasma table. It is powered by a Hypertherm 300amp power source, 5’x10’ cutting table, and touchscreen control.



laser control power source

Touchscreen HMI Control

300 Amp Power Source

  • Newly designed system for the XPR300 Power Supply
    • Increased production capacity, speeds, and consumable life over the HPR 260
    • High speed servo motors for optimal acceleration and safe traverse speeds
    • Open design for easy load/unload
    • Protected rack and rail with thoughtful design to protect quality of motion
    • Captured rail throughout motion platform
    • High load bearing cars with grease fittings for easy maintenance and integrated wipes to prevent unnecessary wear
    • Smooth, heavy duty, high quality, covered IGUS echain throughout to protect leads
    • Industry leading and innovative height sensing and crash protection
    • Embedded process capability, including newly improved XPR truehole
    • Autogas enabled for full featured capability
    • Easy to change quick disconnect torch, spare included with system for simple change out of consumables
    • Magnetic breakaway collision protection with enhanced electronic crash protection sensing to watch for surface sensing during traverse
    • Optimized lead management for minimal gas purge times per table size
    • Power optimized with 480V control cabinet
  • Powerful HMI Interface
    • Full touch sense 22” screen
    • Rugged keyboard and roller ball mouse
    • Multi location integrated e-stops
    • Integrated hand pendant for easy jogging and home setting
    • Fully functional HMI software for powerful processing at the system.
    • Second seat, fully functional software license available for office usage to send jobs to the system.
    • Internet connectivity for networkable communications and easy remote diagnostics
    • Convenient toggle switch for water tank management
    • Memory stick port for simple loading of customer files
  • Integrated water table design
    • Curved slats for better cut quality and stability
    • Lift out trays in slat bed for easier maintenance
  • Machine Software