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Get To Know CI’s Top-Tier Post-Sale Service and Support

Post-sale service and support has always been a priority at CINCINNATI. It’s a big reason we’ve been around for so long. But 15 years ago, we began the transition from reactive to proactive post-sale service. The first step: control upgrades on our press brakes. 

It was a unique piece of service at the time, and one that proved valuable. In news that will shock no one, it turns out the computer that hangs on the arm of a press brake is often the difference between a past-its-prime machine and one that performs like new. 


We still perform control retrofits today (a couple hundred per year, in fact) and it’s one of the ways we practice what we preach around here. A CI machine is an investment, and we work hard to invest right back in our customers. We’ll do all that we can to make sure your CI machines stay accurate and reliable. Not just for years, but for decades. 

It’s not only control retrofits. Here are other ways our post-sale support helps your CI machines stay productive.

Support Plans

With the purchase of a new CI machine, you get a 1-year warranty. On top of that, you can also purchase CI support in 1-year increments, up to 4 years total. Our Support Plans have four tiers: Basic, Plus, Pro and Premium. 


These extended support plans were created to ensure you maximize your machine uptime in an economical way. The merged reality support with Help Lightning is a real difference maker in that regard for many of our customers. The video streaming innovation lets us conduct field service remotely, and the screen-based technology is a much more effective way to offer support than phone or email. 

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Parts Department

Should you choose the Premium tier of our extended support, repair parts are included and you will get 10% discount on consumables. No matter what your fabrication needs are, we’re here to help. You can call us, order online or fill out the contact form to get your parts. Visit the Parts Department here.


Most new CI machines come with one seat for training at our facility included. If you have multiple people who need training, you can also purchase additional seats at a discount.

Now let’s say you have a handful or two of operators who need training on new CI machines. That’s a lot of travel costs and lost work time to send them to our facility in Ohio for training. Which is why we’re happy to come to you. The training is hands-on, so we don’t recommend class sizes larger than 10 people. But if you have anywhere from 3 to 10 who need training, it’s far more valuable to schedule the session at your facility.


There are even more ways we support your CI purchase post-sale, including automation, technology and safety retrofits. We’ll never stop looking for new ways to serve our customers after the purchase. It was a priority yesterday, it’s a priority today and it will be one tomorrow.

Are you in the pre-sale phase right now? Enjoy it! That’s a fun place to be. Click here to browse our lines of press brakes, lasers and shears.