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Why Detronic Opts For Cincinnati Press Brakes


Ryan Carne, president of Detronic Industries, has been with the same company for 24 years. He’s had Cincinnati press brakes that entire time. When asked why, he said looking at CI was like looking in a mirror. “We try to take care of our customers in a complete sense,” he said. “Looking to build long term relationships, spoiling our customers. CI mirrors us in that sense.”

Competing in a Challenging Market

Detronic’s 50 employees perform fabricating, finishing and assembly work for an eclectic group of customers and applications—ranging from the medical industry to smart waste and recycling systems. Their design and manufacturing expertise, from concept through completion, is sorely needed as companies scale back on their own internal resources. 

The market is also remarkably competitive. Detronic competes regularly with Mexico, Canada and other overseas markets, and the group has learned to do the job with efficiency and reliability at the forefront. Above all, the right technology helps Detronic win. “We’re focused on having the best cutting and forming, and everything else builds off that,” Carne said. “We have to do it quickly and accurately, and let the rest of the operations follow suit.”

 And that’s where Cincinnati comes in.

Detronic’s Growing CI Roster

In 2017, Detronic purchased two new CI press brakes (a 230 MAXFORM x 12 and 90 PROFORM x 8) and teamed them with three existing CI brakes. Carne and his team looked all over for the new machines, but in the end, they chose Cincinnati because it would give the operators continuity, and above all, a record of superior service set us apart.

“I can’t stress that service point enough,” Carne said. “Cincinnati, in our experience, sets itself apart from other equipment manufacturers that we deal with when it comes to service. They always make our service calls seem like a priority, whereas with some of our other machines we have at times been told when requesting service that techs are all booked with new machine installs and we would have to be down for a couple weeks.

Cincinnati is always prompt in answering a call for service. 

“Our service techs always explain what was found and often take the time to educate our operators on the issue and other aspects of the machine.”

 Speaking of Education…

During installation of the two new CI brakes, Detronic passed on sending operators for training since they had a very experienced forming group. Then, because the universe has a sense of humor about these things, three of the company’s top press brake operators left the company. Suddenly, Detronic was forced to train operators that had never operated a press brake. The company limped along for a few months until they arranged a 4-day, on-site class led by Cincinnati.


“Eric Mercon (Training Specialist at CI) came to Detronic and did an amazing job teaching everyone—from experienced operators to those with just a few days of experience,” Carne said. “Our Form Area improved immensely after the class. Everyone, even our experienced guys, had a deeper understanding of the machines, the different bend modes and the difference tooling choices make.

“The class informed everything we do now, from part programming to tooling purchases to the type of bending we choose for each part. Considering the lack of experience we had, none of us would have predicted the area would be as strong as it is today. As one in our group said after the class was done, ‘This is one of the best things we’ve ever done here.’”

 Uncommon Service


Ryan raved about the tight tolerances, repeatability and ease of use CI machines have, and that’s always great to hear. But to be frank, many of our competitors do that as well. CI is different because of that after-purchase care. “That’s definitely the difference,” Carne said. “Not only does Cincinnati make great machines, they place an uncommon emphasis on educating and taking care of their customers.” 


Looking for a partner that walks the walk when it comes to service and training? Drop us a line any time and let us know what you have in mind.