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Small Footprint, Huge Efficiency: This is the Autoform Hydraulic Press Brake


For many fabricators, the benefits of routing smaller parts to compact machines are well known. It frees up traditionally-sized machines for the larger, heavier work. To that end, the next iteration of the 60-ton Autoform is here. It’s CINCINNATI’s first compact hydraulic press brake available with a six-axis backgage and a full 6-foot long bed length.

Thanks to the small footprint, the hydraulic Autoform perfectly complements the existing CI line of compact electric press brakes and allows for more efficient production of your smaller parts. The base dimensions on the hydraulic Autoform are 83” wide x 48” deep, and the machine includes a swinging pendent control that is positioned in front or at the side. 

Key Features of the Autoform Hydraulic Press Brake

·      Exceptional ram repeatability of ± 0.0004”

·      A longer stroke length of 11 inches 

·      Fast forming speeds (programmable from 1 to 120 inches per minute)


On top of these features, the available six-axis backgage allows the machine to excel at fabricating small, complex parts with greater throughput than you would otherwise get from a larger machine. 

The hydraulic Autoform also incorporates many of the same advanced features that were introduced on the CINCINNATI electric Goform press brake, including the innovative Angle Measuring technology. This feature automates the manual method of measuring and adjusting bend angles. During production, a high-speed digital camera, mounted to the machine, captures images of the bend. The images are analyzed and the press is commanded to continue bending until the part is within the desired tolerance.


The operator interface, key for the angle measuring feature, was developed in-house by CI software engineers. Feedback from CINCINNATI users helped create a unique interface that is easy to use. With this system, inexperienced operators can produce quality parts with minimal instruction.

Bottom line, the 60-ton Autoform—with its 3D control graphics and available six-axis backgage—is ideal for forming complex shapes that come from advanced solid model design software. The machine sports an ergonomic design and is wrapped in a sleek, modern press brake look. It’s easy on your operators and easy on the eyes. 

Want to know more about 60-ton Autoform hydraulic press brake? Talk to us to arrange a meet and greet.