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Get To Know CI FireSafe, Our Green Eco Fluid Option


Why use FireSafe Eco fluid when hydraulic oil is available? Isn’t oil the standard in manufacturing, and much cheaper than the green, fire safe and environmentally friendly options?

These are good questions. As it turns out, there are safety, performance life and environmental benefits to making the switch from hydraulic oil to CI FireSafe Eco Fluid. We’ll talk about them below, but if you only take one thing away from this article, make it this: FireSafe is available on all new and existing CINCINNATI machines as well as other brand press brakes. If having fire-safe and environmentally friendly fluid is important in your manufacturing centers, we can make it happen.

1. FireSafe Eco Fluid brings surprising performance benefits to your machines.

Just a few years ago, we started to get some questions from the west coast (more on that in a bit) about fire-resistant fluid. We called around and found some suppliers and manufacturers who used it and were happy with it. Unlike similar water-based products, the synthetic eco fluid did not cause gummy residue in your hydraulic systems and wear and tear in your machines over time.

 We got our hands on the fluid for testing and found no discernable difference between it and hydraulic oil. The results were much better than expected, and soon after, we decided to offer FireSafe right here under the CI roof.


2. FireSafe Eco Fluid saves money on insurance premiums (and brings welcome peace of mind).

FireSafe makes insurance companies happy. A major reason shops switch from hydraulic oil is because their premiums are significantly lower once they say goodbye to it. Oil is, of course, a terrifyingly effective fire accelerant, and insurance companies do not hesitate to charge higher premiums because of the risk.

With FireSafe, the benefit is right there in the name. This is a fluid that will not cause or accelerate a fire: A truly non-flammable fluid. That means lower insurance premiums for you. And—arguably even more important—it’s a little more peace of mind that you won’t need to rebuild after flames wreak havoc on your facility. In an article written by NILFISK® posted July 5, 2016, the number 3 and 4 major causes of industrial fires are attributed to flammable oils and machinery. 

3. FireSafe Eco Fluid is Green, meaning it is truly environmentally friendly.

FireSafe Eco Fluid becomes completely inert in a little under a month. The biodegradable, synthetic chemical mix was designed not only to boost machine performance, but to adhere to environmental protections. 

And if a spill were to happen, cleaning FireSafe is exponentially easier and safer than cleaning up after a spill of hydraulic oil, which is toxic and not biodegradable. 

4. Are there any downsides to FireSafe?

In short, the upfront cost is more than hydraulic oil. That price tag can be quickly recouped after factoring insurance premiums and the performance and lifespan benefits. We recommend changing hydraulic oil every year, but FireSafe can extend performance life, easily going two years without being changed out. 

5. It’s available on all new and existing CINCINNATI machines.

You can add FireSafe Eco Fluid to any CI equipment, whether it’s brand new or it’s been on your floor for decades. If the switch is important to you, we are on it. 

6. It can be used on most any brand press brake.

FireSafe Eco Fluid can not only be used on CI press brakes, but other manufacturers as well. It offers all the same benefits and can be swapped out on the next oil change. Check with your press brake’s manufacturer to be sure there are no issues.

Want to switch from hydraulic oil to FireSafe Eco Fluid? 

We decided to publish this story because many of our customers just don’t know that FireSafe is an option that we offer. It’s one of our best-kept secrets.

There are multiple excellent reasons to make the switch. Whether you want to enjoy FireSafe’s performance boost, you want to be cleaner and greener for the planet, you want to save on insurance premiums or you simply don’t want the hassle of cleaning up after an oil spill, CI FireSafe Eco Fluid is a game-changing solution for all of the above.

Talk to us about adding CI FireSafe Eco Fluid to your machines.