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On the MARCH for a Laser Automation System

At CINCINNATI, we always have an itch to see if we can make a fabrication process faster, easier and more productive for our customers. One of our recent developments focused on the automated loading, unloading, and storage of sheet metal through laser cutting systems. Truth be told, the end result is pretty spectacular.

Our new MARCH System is a step up from our popular MMHS model. MARCH stands for Multi Axis Rapid Cincinnati Handling System. The name selected is not just a play on words (the company was founded by the March family in the 1890s), it’s quite descriptive of the system’s capabilities.


Faster is Better
The MARCH System is a 33% faster than the MMHS. It cuts the cycle time needed to take a sheet off the rack and into a machine down to one minute from the previous three to four. This provides a much better takt time. Since the cycle time on a laser might be as short at 60 seconds, having a faster takt time is key to keeping laser head utilization high and production schedules on time.

Customers can integrate two lasers at a time with one MARCH System as well as batch jobs with our easy-to-understand scheduling software. This reduces setup time and operator involvement, both of which lead to increased productivity.

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Flexibility for Maximum Utility
The MARCH System’s modular design enables it to be adaptable to different layouts, making it easier to meet unique floor space needs. If requirements change, the system can easily be reconfigured in the field after the initial installation.

Plus, the shelving units have common components to allow expansion from four to six, eight or ten shelves (the only system of its kind to offer four height options). These sections are carried in inventory for fast turnarounds. That makes the MARCH System easy to support and fast to reconfigure. The system is even retrofittable onto older CI laser machines going back to 2006 with minimal modifications to the base machines. That’s true versatility!

Off-Site Support Cuts Service Time
Our engineers are great people, but you probably don’t want to see them at your door all the time. The MARCH System is equipped with remote log-in for off-site support. This is not only true for the material handling system, but also the CINCINNATI laser itself, right down to the power source or chiller. Previously, a field service technician would visit a shop to take a look at a problem, then spend a day isolating the issue and identifying any parts that needed replacing. With remote log-in, the problem can be identified before a technician is sent out into the field. The parts can be shipped out via next-day air and installed in as little as 24 hours.

Bang for Your Buck
For all the value it provides, pricing on the MARCH System is very competitive. The initial investment will be about 10-15% less than with most of the competition. In addition, we can get customers up and running very quickly. It takes a few weeks for initial installation, fine-tuning and training. Since operator feedback is key to learning how to improve the productivity of the system, a technician will follow up on a monthly basis to make sure the system is running smoothly.

Automate and Accelerate
With no relief in sight for the skills gap, a lot of us are faced with doing more with fewer people in the shop. Adding automation is one of the best ways available to meet the growth needs of your business quickly. Contact us for more information on how the MARCH System can bring you up to speed.