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Bend Sim Software
Bend Sim Software

offline programsOffline programming

bend sequenceAutomatic bend sequence

3d partsView Parts in 3D View

filesImport DWG, DXF, IGS 2D


Software Overview

CINCINNATI offers the following software solutions to improve productivity:

This video provides an overview and explanation of these software packages.

Bend Simulation Software

The CINCINNATI Bend Simulation software allows for offline programming of the Maxform, Proform, and Autoform+ press brakes. 

The interface replicates that of the control so a user trained on one will be proficient on the other. This Windows-based software includes the following capabilities:

  • Create and edit part programs offline
  • Generate part programs with automatic bend sequence calculation and checks for tool and machine interference
  • Simulate bending while displaying the part, tooling, gages, bed, and ram at each step, allows the programmer to verify bending sequence and manually modify tool, part and gage positions
  • Construct simple 3-D parts from cross section and flat pattern views
  • View and edit parts in multiple 2D and 3D views
  • Import DWG, DXF, and IGS 2-D files
  • Export DWG, DXF 2D files
  • Network licensing available

Software Innovation


Gold Partners

The CINCINNATI Gold Partner Program is a voluntary cooperative partnership between Cincinnati Incorporated and 3rd party software suppliers. Users benefit by having more software choices for programming CINCINNATI machines, validated 3rd party post-processors for CINCINNATI machines, the ability to purchase programming software for various brand equipment and improved access to the latest software features and products and features. Learn More