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This class is designed to provide classroom and hands-on instruction for performing the duties involving a complete external beam path alignment process. This includes general external beam alignment on the CL-400 Laser. The course covers external beam alignment configurations that support both Fast Axial Flow and Diffusion Cooled Resonator applications. Hands-on objective will be the successful completion of an external beam alignment on a CINCINNATI Laser.


  • Safety
  • Basic Laser Theory
  • Card Shot Setup
  • External Beam Path Familiarization
  • External Optics: Inspection, Cleaning, and Replacement
  • External Beam Path Delivery Theory


  • General familiarization of CINCINNATI machine control will be very useful.

  • Electrical and machine tool mechanical knowledge is helpful.

  • Prior experience working on the laser system with a Service Representative or a trained maintenance person is advised.

  • We highly recommend that soon after attending the maintenance class, participants complete a planned maintenance on a laser system, under the supervision of a CINCINNATI Service Representative, to review and practice what they’ve learned.


Due to machine availability, training at CINCINNATI can only be done for current model machines. Training for discontinued models must be done at the customer’s facility.


2 Days