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Advanced Fiber Sheet Metal Laser Cutters

At Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) we build our fiber laser systems at our plant in Harrison, Ohio.  All of our machines are known for their ruggedness and durability, and are made to stand up to the rigors of the North American market.

Benefits of Using A CI Laser System

  • All of our machines are manufactured in the US at our plant in Harrison, Ohio.

  • CI fiber lasers are capable of cutting plate up to 1.5” thick.

  • Red metals, such as copper, brass, and bronze, can be cut on CI fiber lasers.

  • User-friendly control or HMI (Human Machine Interface).

  • Built to withstand the rigors of the North American manufacturing market.

  • CI lasers come with our 4th generation linear motor drives that allow traverse speeds of 12,000 inches per minute and accelerations up to 3G.


Why buy from cincinnati

When you buy a laser from CI you are buying a machine that is U.S. made and is guaranteed to last.  We will provide operating training for two people at our facility in Harrison, then follow up with an on-site applications visit to maximize the machine’s productivity. Our factory trained service technicians are CI employed and are located strategically throughout the country, to provide the best possible customer service.

Cincinnati Laser Metal Cutting Machines

The CL-900 Series Fiber Laser system offers a higher cutting speed and lower operating cost than other lasers on the market, while still providing a high level of cutting quality.  By using a fiber light source, you are eliminating components, which makes the laser much less costly to maintain.

The use of a fiber laser machine also provides you with the capability of cutting sheet metal of varying thickness ranging from materials like 24 ga up to 1.5” thick.  The light source in our lasers, provided by our partner, nLIGHT, allows the CL-900 to cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, red metals, and more.

CL-900 Series Fiber Lasers

Some of the features specific to our fiber lasers include:

  • LaserMech FiberCut 2D Head – Provides loss of cut detection, crash protection, and long optic life.

  • 4kW, 6kW, and 8kW power source options.

  • nLIGHT power source – Allows our fiber lasers to cut both thin and thicker metals and “red metals”.