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Additive Literature


Cincinnati Products Catalog

Our extensive line of rugged, reliable laser cutting systems, press brakes, shears, PM presses and BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) offer the highest level of performance for the lifetime of every one of our machines.

BAAM Fact Sheet

We’ve made history with our groundbreaking 3D printing technology.
This technology allows you to create 3D large-scale products in a matter of hours.

BAAM 3D Printed Projects Sheet

This is a quick reference guide to the print times, extruder, and material used by BAAM to 3D print each project. Please note, the finishings of all 3D printed projects were not included in the total print times. Finishings were applied after the printing was completed

SAAM Fact Sheet

SAAM is a fully-automated 3D printer for engineering and manufacturing teams who wish to rapidly produce prototypes, concept models, and plastic tooling. 

SAAM HT Fact Sheet

SAAM HT produces parts which maintain their material properties even at autoclave temperatures. Create high temperature tools, fixtures, and flow guides today.

SAAM Software Comparison

Would you pay an engineer to feed a piece of paper into your paper printer every time she printed a page? Why is this acceptable for 3D printing? It’s not! We have solved this problem and many more with SAAM powered by CICloud.

Maximizing Value: The ROI of 3D Printing in Business

This guide is written to help business leaders understand how 3D printing can benefit their business through cost reduction, decreased risk, addition of new business opportunities, and decreased time to market.

3D Printing Best Practices Guide

This guide is written to familiarize those new to 3D printing with fundamental design considerations to begin producing useful parts from the start.