Cincinnati Incorporated offers live, interactive presentations on forming fundamentals, laser technology and applications, and reducing costs. Archived webinars accessible 24/7.

MAY 2013 – Cincinnati Incorporated’s metal fabrication webinars have attracted capacity audiences and received high marks for providing valuable information designed to improve productivity and give insight on the latest equipment features and techniques. A recent webinar on “Forming Fundamentals for Press Brakes” drew a capacity of 200 participants, and more than 20,000 people have viewed the archived webinars available at the company’s website. “There is a real hunger for basic information on metal fabrication,” said Matt Garbarino, marketing Manager for Cincinnati Incorporated. “Customer feedback tells us there are fewer experienced machine operators out there who can share their experience and knowledge, and our basic information topics are drawing particularly well.”

Cincinnati has presented 15 webinars since fall 2010, and the free events are open to all metal fabricators regardless of their brand of equipment or level of experience. The webinars are approximately 45 minutes long and focus on topics such as “Maintaining Your Laser for Increased Productivity,” “Selecting the Right Press Brake Tooling,” and “Reducing Cost From Laser Cut Parts.”  Webinars are interactive, with attendees able to ask questions during the presentation. Attendees whose questions are not answered during the webinar receive a follow-up from the company after the event. “We also conduct polling during the webinar to engage the audience and ensure we’re addressing the topics they want to learn about,” added Garbarino. “At the end of the event we have participants complete a brief survey and grade us on a 1-to-5 scale. So far, we’re getting 4’s and 5’s, as well as great feedback on our format and additional topics to offer in the future.”  View our archived webinars