Customers see lasers and  press brakes demonstrated at their desktops with new Virtual Demo initiative.

AUGUST 2012 – CINCINNATI Incorporated is using technology to transport customers to its well-equipped demonstration facility, saving time and travel costs to see laser cutting systems, press brakes and material handling equipment in action. The Virtual Demos feature live cutting or bending of parts as well as streaming video. Participants can view the equipment’s activity from a variety of webcam angles, watch the machine’s control and even do walk-arounds or ask to see specific features. The demonstrations last about 45 minutes each, including a question-and-answer period. “We understand that our customers’ time is valuable, and quite often the people making decisions on new equipment need to be on th­­­­eir own shop floors,” said Matt Garbarino, Marketing Manager for CINCINNATI Incorporated. “We realize it’s difficult to take a full day or two to see a machine demonstration and, while the Virtual Demo does not substitute for an in-person experience, it’s a nice first step to learning more about our equipment and seeing it in action.” 

Virtual Demo Screen Layout

Virtual Demos are facilitated using a desktop sharing program that allows participants to interact and ask questions from a PC, Mac or tablet device. Up to four webcams are used in and on the demonstration machine. The company also plans to use this technology to conduct custom, one-to-one demos for customers wanting to see processing of specific parts or applications. CINCINNATI has conducted several Virtual Demos on the company’s new CL-900 fiber laser cutting system, with more planned. Demos on the Maxform press brake will take place later this year, as well as demos that will feature both lasers and press brakes where parts will be cut then formed. 

“We solicited feedback from the initial demo participants and the response was overwhelmingly positive,” said Garbarino.  “This is a great cost-free way for customers to familiarize themselves with our products, and see our capabilities.”

For more information, Visit the Virtual Demo Home Page.