In this video you will get an overview of our Press Brake models and features. View our Press Brake Models


GOFORM Series Press Brake Overview Video

The Goform is the perfect solution for small parts, up to ¼” thick and less than 50 pounds.  This machine can be easily moved with a fork truck or overhead crane and put into production without being anchored to the floor.  The work height is adjustable so operators will be comfortable sitting or standing.  With the Goform, you can adapt to changing plant layouts and work flows. Learn more about the Goform Series Press Brake.


Press Brake 5-Axis Backgage

The 5-axis backgage is optional on the Proform+ Series and standard on the Maxform Series Press Brakes.

Press Brake 6-Axis Backgage

These views demonstrate the two styles of 6-axis backgages available as an option on the Maxform Series Press Brake and standard on the Goform Electric Press Brake.


Maxform Series Press Brake- 3 Parts in 3 Minutes

This demonstrates how quickly an operator can change over jobs on a Cincinnati press brake. In this demonstration, the operator does 3 parts in 3 minutes.

Touchscreen Control Demonstration

All of our press brakes feature a standard touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI) control.