Redesign of Cincinnati Incorporated’s includes multi-media product information, archived webinars and virtual demo information, a press brake load calculator, job postings and an online store. User-friendly interface serves as comprehensive source of company’s products and services. 

MARCH 2013 – Cincinnati Incorporated’s new website is a resource for metal fabricators to access everything from a press brake load calculator to videos on laser cutting and fabrication equipment demos. The site is also a comprehensive source for all of Cincinnati’s products and services including equipment, software, material handling and controls, and visitors can submit direct questions to the applicable departments within the company. “While our customers are the site’s primary audience, any metal fabricator may find information they can use in their daily operations,” said Matt Garbarino, Cincinnati marketing manager and site designer. “We designed the site to reflect our customer-focused reputation and in doing so created an information hub for all metal fabricators. Our primary goal with the new site is to engage users, whether they are looking for equipment, need support or want to learn more about industry technology.”

The company spent eight months planning and implementing the new site, and plans call for the site’s continued development and evolution – adding more virtual demos, live chat and e-learning opportunities. “We see the site as a dynamic tool and in addition to giving it easy navigation and a modern look, the new platform allows frequent updates,” added Garbarino.

In addition to a new, contemporary look and interface, the site’s user-friendly aspects include a press brake load calculator, as well as a support section with manuals, safety information and pre-installation instructions. Each page includes an “Ask Us A Question” box and company’s phone number. “When customers or prospects come to our site we want them to quickly find the answer they seek, but we also made it easy for them to get in touch with us if they prefer to go that route,” added Garbarino.

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