• ± 0.0002" (3-sigma) Ram Repeatability

  • Exceptional Ram and Backgage Speeds

  • Touchscreen Human Machine Interface

  • Bend Simulation Software (control and offline)

  • Programmable Auto Crown (optional)

  • Dynamic Thickness Compensation

  • Bolt-on Ram Noses for Sectionalized Tooling

  • 5-axis Backgage

  • 6-LT Linear Motor Backgage (optional)

  • ANSI B11.3 Compliant

MAXFORM Series Press Brake Details

Higher speeds mean more production. To get higher speeds, CINCINNATI has made large strides in press brake design. The MAXFORM is the most advanced press brake ever offered by CINCINNATI. Models are available from 90 tons to 350 tons, up to 14’ lengths. The MAXFORM produces maximum productivity through fast programming, fast setup and fast cycle speeds. Improved part consistency is achieved with the touchscreen computer control that simplifies file management and provides detailed setup information with each saved program. Operators are guided through each step of the bend sequence with 3D part views.


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Upgrade Options

If you already have a CI Press Brake and are wanting more productivity features, below are available upgrades.

Press Brake Software

This software is available for the Maxform Series Press Brake. Click on the image to learn more about each software.

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