MAXFORM Series Press Brake Pan Out View

The Maxform press brake is CINCINNATI's high-end press brake and this short video shows a 90 ton model with the 6-axis LT backgage in operation.


Touchscreen Control Demonstration

The Maxform series press brake features a standard touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI) control.

MAXFORM Series Press Brake- 3 Parts in 3 Minutes

This demonstrates how quickly an operator can change over jobs on a Cincinnati press brake. In this demonstration, the operator does 3 parts in 3 minutes.


MAXFORM Series Press Brake Backgage: 5-Axis (Standard)

The 5-axis backgage is optional on the Proform+ and standard on the Maxform press brakes.

MAXFORM Series Press Brake 6-Axis Backgage (Optional)

These views demonstrate the two styles of 6-axis backgages available as an option on the Maxform Series Press Brake and standard on the Goform Electric Press Brake.


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