CINCINNATI Laser Cutting Systems

In this video you will get an overview of our laser cutting systems and features. View our Laser Models


Cincinnati Incorporated Featured on "World's Greatest!..."

Cincinnati Incorporated's laser cutting technology is featured on an episode of the "World's Greatest!..." Learn more about our Laser Cutting Systems

CL-800 Series CO2 Laser Plate Cutting

Demonstration of plate cutting on the 4000w CL-840 CO2 laser system


How Linear Motor Drives Operate

Today, after nearly 20 years of experience every model Cincinnati laser is equipped with our 4th generation linear motor drive system that now offers combined rapid traverse speeds of 12,000 ipm and accelerations up to 3G. Learn more about our Linear Motor Drives

Linear Motor Drives Demonstration

View a demonstration of our Linear Motor Drives on both CO2 and Fiber Laser Systems.


Laser Head (Magnetically Coupled)

This video illustrates how the laser head is is magnetically coupled and can quickly and easily be re-attached.

CL-400 and CL-800 Series CO2 Laser: Dual Pallets

Demonstration of dual pallets available on the CL-800 Series and CL-400 Series CO2 Laser Cutting Systems


CL-900 Series Fiber Laser Dual Pallets

Demonstration of dual pallets on CL-900 Series Fiber Laser

Ball Transfer Load Station (Optional)

This short video illustrates the optional ball transfer load station rising and dropping (pneumatically powered). When raised, this option assists operators with handling the material on the load/unload pallet by allowing them to slide the sheet/plate into a clamping position.