• Mechanical-Hydraulic CNC Combination

  • Controlled Multi-Level Part Making Capability

  • Graphical Tool Library

  • Powered Die Set Exchange

  • Full Time Connectivity

  • Optimized Space Utilization

  • CINCINNATI CIMPACS™ Control System

Hybrid Servo Compacting Powdered Metal Press Details

Mechanical-Hydraulic CNC Servo Hybrid Combination

Unique design provides the speed and accuracy of a mechanical press with the precise motion control of a hydraulic CNC servo press. This design permits high production rates and reduces energy consumption.

Hybrid Servo Compacting Powdered Metal Press

Hybrid Servo Compacting Powdered Metal Press

Servo Controlled Multi-Level Part Making Capability

Full CNC servo motion control is provided over the following 9 independent part making levels:Outer Upper PunchMiddle Upper PunchInner Upper PunchShelf or Straight Through DieOuter Lower PunchMiddle Lower PunchInner Lower PunchAuxiliary Lower PunchStepped, Blind or Straight Core Rod

Powered Die Set Exchange with Full Time Connectivity

Die sets are exchanged at the push of a button and without the need to disconnect and reconnect die set hydraulic and electrical systems. This saves valuable production time and maintains hydraulic system integrity.

Optimized Space Utilization

Efficient layout configuration provides optimized floor space utilization by providing for dedicated areas for Power Delivery, Tooling Installation, Automation and Operator Access.


Operator Oriented Programming combined with CIMPACS™ Control Technology simplifies part programming to provide for maximum part making versatility while minimizing effort and skill levels required.

HSP Layout

HSP Layout