• 5'x10' and 6'x12' dual pallets

  • Linear Motors for Speed, Accuracy, & Reliability

  • Autofocus head with 10",7.5", and 5" lens drawers

  • Magnetic Break-Away Head with Protective Bellows

  • 4000W DC excited CO2 resonator

  • Easy to use Touchscreen, Windows® control

  • Optional modular material handling system available

CL-400 Series CO2 Laser Cutting System Details

The productivity comes from overcoming the limitations inherent to conventional lasers. Straight line cutting speed is maximized using a resonator with 4000 watts of CW power, beam enhancement optics and 400 PSI assist gas capabilities. The motion system provides high accelerations and accuracies through the use of linear motors, linear encoders and advanced aerospace composite construction. Maximum positioning speed of the cutting head is 12,020 inches per minute. Dual pallets permit the operator to simultaneously unload parts and load new material on one pallet while the laser is cutting on the other pallet. The conveniently located control, with 15” color LCD touch screen display and full sized standard keyboard, provides the operator with a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) with nesting software. Dynamic Power Control (DPC) automatically maintains the proper relationship between laser power and the instantaneous feed rate, which is critical for high part accuracy and quality edge condition. The Autofocus laser cutting head automatically adjusts the focus to .001”. A self-aligning lens holder, nozzle tip assembly and laser head construction permits the processing of different materials with minimal set up.

CINCINNATI Laser Cutting Systems

Laser Software

This software is available for the CL-400 Series CO2 Laser Cutting System. Click on the image to learn more about each software.

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