Bend Simulation Software Details

The CINCINNATI Bend Simulation software allows for offline programming of the Maxform, Proform, and Autoform+ press brakes. The interface replicates that of the control so a user trained on one will be proficient on the other. This Windows-based software includes the following capabilities:

  • Create and edit part programs offline
  • Generate part programs with automatic bend sequence calculation and checks for tool and machine interference
  • Simulate bending while displaying the part, tooling, gages, bed, and ram at each step, allows the programmer to verify bending sequence and manually modify tool, part and gage positions
  • Construct simple 3-D parts from cross section and flat pattern views
  • View and edit parts in multiple 2D and 3D views
  • Import DWG, DXF, and IGS 2-D files
  • Export DWG, DXF 2D files
  • Network licensing available

Software Productivity Solutions

CINCINNATI offers the following software solutions to improve productivity:

This video provides an overview and explanation of these software packages.